Javed Akhtar’s Anti-Pakistan Remarks Devoid Of Fact: ‘Dhai Chaal’ Producer

“Dr. Irfan Ashraf, producer of the Pakistani film Dhai Chaal On Friday, Dr Irfan Ashraf, producer of the Pakistani film D stated that Indian writer Javed Akhtar’s repeatedly repeated claim that Pakistan was involved in the Mumbai attacks Mumbai attacks is a lie.

ISLAMABAD, (APP – UrduPoint and Pakistan Point News 24th February 2023 ) Dr Irfan Ashraf is the director of Pakistani film Dhai Chaal on Friday, said that Indian writer Javed Akhtar’s repeatedly repeated assertion that Pakistan is involved during Mumbai attacks Mumbai attacks was not based on the facts.

In a press conference, he was joined by Dhai Chaal director Dr Taimur Shirazi, author Farheen Chaudhry and actor Arij Chaudhry the Dr Irfan Ashraf said instead of becoming an attorney on behalf of an Indian Government, Javed Akhtar should focus more on his career as a film scriptwriter instead of pursuing politics.

“He (Javed Akhtar) has levelled allegations of terrorism against the country which itself is the worst victim of the menace,” he said.

Dr. Irfan reminds Javed Akhtar of the Indian navy captain Kulbhushan Jaydhav was up to within Pakistan. As an Indian spy and a terrorist, he had been involved as a spy in terrorist actions in Pakistan.

He claimed it was ironic to think that Javed Akhtar was at Lahore which is the center of Pakistan and instead of delivering peace, He consciously repeated the false accusations of the role played by Pakistan during Mumbai. Mumbai terror attacks.

He stated that that all Indians which includes Javed Akhtar, ought to be able to compare the quality of their films against Pakistani films to see are closer to real life, and therefore it would be better to work on his own.

Dr. Irfan claimed that they set out to release this film in a number of countries which include that of the United StatesUnited Kingdom, and the middle East.

Its film‘s actors comprised Shamoon Abbasi, Ayesha Umar, Imran Ashraf Arej Chaudhry, and many more actors, he explained.

Director of the film Shirazi announced that he’ll soon host the press celebration to mark the release of the film.

Javed Akhtar, he said that he had spoken out of his mandate, which is highly defensible.

Writer Farheen Chaudhry has said that those who praised Javed Akhtar’s rage at Pakistan are in fact more accountable.

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