Habib University Hosts Annual Fundraiser “Al-Ihsan” to Support Access to Higher Education in Pakistan

In recent times the price of higher education is a major concern for families and students in Pakistan. With the rise in inflation and economic difficulties numerous students are struggling to pay for the cost of higher education. This is even more difficult due to the recent floodsthat have destroyed many areas of Pakistan and caused financial hardship in many families.Despite these issues however, there are institutions in Pakistan which are working to offer quality education to students, regardless of finances. One of these institutions can be found at Habib University in Karachi. It was established by the university in 2014. Habib University has established its reputation as an institution that is renowned for offering a high-quality education to students of diverse backgrounds.
Habib University has been working to provide access to high-quality higher education for gifted and worthy pupils from communities that are marginalized in Pakistan. To boost the level of support from the community the university held its annual fundraiser, Al-Ihsan – The Beauty of Generosity the Islamic Profound Tradition of Giving, on February 12, 2023 in Karachi. It was attended by notable academicians, entrepreneurs, philanthropists intellectual influencers, as well as other notable personalities who admired the University’s unique and contextually-rooted academic expertise and its dedication to ensuring access for gifted students from Pakistan.

The ceremony started with a reading of the Holy Qur’an by Basil Ali Khan who is who is a Computer Science major from the 2026 class. The master of the ceremony, Syed Hammad Mukhtar, who is an HU TOPS Student as well as an Electrical Engineering Alumnus ’22, introduced the guests and spoke about the outstanding work done by Habib University in providing access to higher education to talented and worthy students.
The evening’s theme, Al-Ihsan, was introduced by Swaleha Muhammad Saleem, a HU TOPS Fellow and Computer Science alumna from ’22. She talked about the significance of Mohsineen’s (generous supporters) contribution to ensuring access to higher education to students who would otherwise have been denied the opportunity. She also discussed how the university’s assistance has enabled her as well as Hammad to flourish and achieve despite the financial challenges and social obstacles.

Syed Hammad Mukhtar, who is also a HU TOPS Student as well as an Electrical Engineering Alumnus ’22, told his story to the audience. He discussed how Habib’s merit-based admissions policy and financial aid system enabled Mukhtar and a lot of other worthy students to take advantage of this opportunity and be successful in the higher educational field.
The speaker, Mr. Shahbaz Malik, one of the community members who founded at Habib University and President & CEO of Hilton Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd was a speaker about Habib University’s transformational educational experience for young people and its efforts to promote diversity by providing students with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. The experience, he added, was the primary reason for his family to be the ambassadors and advocates for this cause.
Wasif Rizvi, president of Habib University, recognized and applauded the Mohsineen’s work to the university as well as the students in their education. He also highlighted how Habib University is delivering its purpose of promoting higher education as a key element of its philanthropic philosophy.

In his closing remarks in his final remarks, in his closing remarks, Mr. Bashir Ali Mohammad, the Chairman of Gul Ahmed Textiles and Chair of the Resource Development Committee, Habib University Foundation asked all to channel their generosity spirit to support higher education and expand the movement to shape Pakistan’s future.
The Al-Ihsan Fundraiser The event was a testimony to the university’s dedication in providing the opportunity to pursue higher education for gifted and worthy students as well as how it’s made on life of the students. The Mohsineen’s generosity has enabled the University to continue its tradition of supporting the pursuit of higher education. It also has encouraged students to be awed by excellence and to make a difference on the world.

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