Month: March 2023

What’s on the Horizon for 2023

For the editors of Scientific American, the beginning of a new year offers an opportunity to look ahead and see what is likely to take place in the world of health and science. In 2022, we covered fascinating and troubling news: stunning images of space telescopes drastically reduced rights to reproductive health across the U.S., efforts to […]

Why Is Everyone Wearing These Cartoonish Red Boots?

Each New York Fashion Week, certain designer clothes are deemed to be fashion-conscious top picks. In the past, everyone was wearing the Prada logo tank tops as well as minimalist strappy heels by The Row. In the past week, however the delicate Manolos were overshadowed by a shoe that was destined to become a hit MSCHF’s huge red boots, […]

2023 in the sciences

January 3 . January. Researchers present molecular mechanisms which appear to be the cause of some of the reported health benefits associated with periods of intermittent fasting. modifications to gene expression or the rhythmicity of the majority of mouse genes found in at least one of the tissues. [1][2] 4 January: A metascience Study provides […]