2023 in the sciences

3 . January. Researchers present molecular mechanisms which appear to be the cause of some of the reported health benefits associated with periods of intermittent fasting. modifications to gene expression or the rhythmicity of the majority of mouse genes found in at least one of the tissues. [1][2]
4 January: A metascience Study provides various ideas and theories regarding the development, practices, and shifts in science Overall, based on the analysis of citations in a vast amount of scientific research papers.
4 January 4 January Metascientists present the “CD index” to define “how papers and patents change networks of citations in science and technology” and also report that it has decreased in what experts interpret as “slowing rates of disruption”. They propose linking this to changes to three “use of previous knowledge”-indicators which they interpret as “contemporary discovery and invention” being informed by “a narrower scope of existing knowledge”. The amount of papers published has increased however the total number in the category of “highly disruptive” papers hasn’t. It was the year 1998 saw the revelation of rapid expansion in the universe is an CD index of zero. The results also suggest that researchers and scientists “may be struggling to keep up with the pace of knowledge expansion”. [33 4.4.
5 January
Scientists have discovered an unidentified thin meningeal layer within the brain anatomy, known as the SLYM likely to play an important role in CSF functions. It also serves as an effective barrier to protect the brain and also houses immune cells that check the brain for infections and inflammation. [5][6]
Archaeologists claim that notational symbols from around 37,000 years ago in caves, which are believed to convey an understanding of the calendar that explains the behavior of the animals on them, were the first documented (proto-)writing in human history. [7][8]
Progress in climate change mitigation Implementation research:
A paywalled meta-analysis reveals “required technology-level investment shifts for climate-relevant infrastructure until 2035” within the EU It finds as “most drastic for power plants, electricity grids and rail infrastructure” with a figure of 87 EUR billion over budgets planned and in need of sustainable financing policies. [9][10]
An analysis (12 January) indicates that applying the concept of expanded producers’ responsibility for fossil fuels may help to reduce conflict between climate and energy policy with a reasonable cost In particular, the authors suggest that the responsibility can be utilized to create the funding of CO2 storage as well as nature-based solutions. [11][12]
A report (30 January) highlights the key goals for innovation and policies along with major issues, as well as different estimates of the proposed decarbonization of the aviation industry. food security being one of the main issues of “sustainable aviation fuels” that need minimal or no modifications to aircrafts in operation, offset the lack of reliable and insufficient and (proactive) limitations of the growing demand are crucial. [13][14]
5 Jan: Archaeologists have reported that they found notational indications that date back to 37,000 years in the past in caves, presumably conveying calendaric The meaning behind the behaviour of the animal species that are close to them. the first The term is used to describe (protoknown (proto) Writing in history.


1 February
C/2022 E3 (ZTF) C/2022 E3 (ZTF), an emerald-colored comet, which is part of the Oort cloud, is visible from the sky at night. This is the closest proximity to Earth.[155It is
An article published in the journal Leonardo explores Leonardo da Vinci’s research regarding gravity and gravity found in Codex Arundel and presents a solution that uses Newtonian mechanics to prove Leonardo’s “equivalence principle”.[156[156
6 February Astronomers announce the discovery another 12 moons orbiting Jupiter. [1576 February – Astronomers announce the discovery of 12 moons of Jupiter.
8 February
Minor planet Quaoar is discovered to have rings, as a result of observations made by The CHEOPS telescope. telescope.[158]
Scientists from the U.S. propose mining the lunar soil, and then launching it toward the Sun in order to create a protective protection against the consequences of global warming.[159][160[160
First direct transmission of quantum bits between quantum computer microchips has been demonstrated with an 99.999993 percent accuracy and a connections speed of 2424/s. The research team, which is from Sussex University, University of Sussex claims that their work holds “the possibility of scaling-up” by connecting hundreds, or hundreds of quantum computing chip. “[161][162]
14 Feb : A brand new record-low Antarctic Sea Ice extent has been recorded from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in the US surpassing previously set records just a year earlier.[163][164[164]
15 February
A study conducted jointly by scientists from British Antarctic Survey and the US Antarctic programme discovered that glaciers on this cold continent could be more sensitive to fluctuations in the temperature of the sea than was previously believed. Researchers utilized sensors and an underwater robot under the Thwaites glacier to investigate the melting of glaciers. [165]
Scientists suggest that the sounds that dinosaurs from the ankylosaur family may have made were bird-like sounds in light of a discovery that a larynx fossilized found in Ankylosaur pinacosaurus grangeri.[166][167[167]
16 February – A successful new technique for the removal of carbon dioxide out of the sea has been presented in a paper by MIT research scientists. The method could be utilized on ships that will process seawater during their voyage or on offshore drilling platforms, or at aquaculture fishing farms. [168]
17 February – The design of metastructures on a sub-wavelength scale is proven to be an effective strategy to create ultra-fast electronics for the field of 6G communication. [169]
21 February: Scientists announce the results of an “dark microbiome” of microorganisms within the Atacama Desert in Chile which is a region that resembles Mars on Earth.[170][171171
22 Feb – Soft 3D-printed replicas of the heart that can be personalized for specific patients are being demonstrated by engineers from MIT. [172]

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